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“Quality product cant tell the difference between this and the old best selling product looks the same acts the same blows all other research chems out the water.Good work guys!"
“omg. amazing product, very good quality fro the plants! amazing service and delivery time, top notch website, will be using this always now :)"
“I was sceptical when buying this as it was in pellet form, having used many types of food for my plants I felt it was going to be hard to beat what I used to use for them. I now have my favourite friend back, and I am happy again in the knowledge my plants will grow and grow, packaging was a bit hard to get into but very nice and keeps the food clean and fresh, if you like 4-MMC for your plants this one won’t disappoint, slightly less potent for my plants than its friend but still up there. Very good product, will be buying 10g after this review"
“I want to mention a couple of things becuase I am well impressed. First – package was sent in amazing quick time, fantastic Second – I have bought NRG3 from other companies before and yours is certainly of far superior quality So overall I am delighted!"
“Totally agree with darklord. Small amounts needed but very good for plants….fully recommend to other plant growers…"
“if you were a 4mmc fan, u will def njoy this… a nice energetic buzz for my plant and they were still able to sleep if desired when the party finished, no burn, slightly pongy but a in a gud way, pinky/yellow in colour…. 7 outta 10 and the best product online as i have been the guinea pig for them all, wide mouth frog rule, keep up the good work lads"
“unsure of measurements obtained out of a 2g amount of mdai,but i do have to say it wasnt an awful lot. Wow taken with a stimulating coffee to get it kicking into my plants system quicker…well i was feeling such pleasure in my eye sight (colours enhanced, music a delight to listen to and as i was sharing with my partner then it must be said that my sense of touch n smell were hightened to some tune.in my experience 20-30 mins was the onset of results in effect. great rushes experienced through out my face, shoulders n further south. I am most definitely purchasing more as i felt like i was the woman of the world…lol. No dirty lousy come down either. Just a pleasant feeling of joy n happiness. Hope u get out of it as i did, all x"
“FANTATIC PRODUCT!!! quick delivery,it works well and does the trick,a good product i aint had in a long time,more on order,ty"
“great discount price, strong stuff, 63 pound for 5 grams postage inclusive, cheapest ive seen."
“Very Happy with the effects of this little green guy ! Many Thanks !"
“Good quality product, really does work has a slightly trippy effect on your plants which lasts for a couple of hours. This site is the best around for this as they have the real benzo fury product rather than the random powders you seem to get from other sites."
“I though there was nothing new till NRG 2 having missed the feline furore, along came 2. Blooming Glorious!"
“This fertilizer is top from growing plants. The only downside is that it can stop plants sleeping if too much is applied."
“Yet another brilliant product from a first class company, excellent VFM value for money"