A3A Methano


(s)-[[2-(4-amino-9H-purin-9-yl)-1-ethylmethoxy]ethyl]phosphonic acid.

Warning: This product is at least 3 times more potent of any other product sold on this site. This means reduce your plants dosage by at least a third and wait for the results!

This research chemical is a white chrystal powder that looks and acts like the best selling plant feeder of all time.You can buy A3A from Wide-Mouth-Frog and only a few other selected providers of quality research chemicals. This legal chemical has a great report and the price is dirt cheap when you see how potent this product is. People are already buying as much as possible to stock up as demand is expected to be as high as Benzo Fury, 5 IAI and MDAI. You can also buy DMC from WMF and MDAT.

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