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 Major announcements

We are please to announce our newest purest synth of 5-APB 1-!1-BENZOFURAN-5-YL_PROPAN-2-AMINE is now in stock.

Check out our new batch of 6-APB 1-(BENXOFURAN-6-YL)PROPAN-2-AMINE"S now in stock and flying out

Research chemicals have like MDAI become a minefield. There are so many companies out there offering you products and claiming that they are 99.8% pure. Some companies claim they offer you cheap NRG2 but really are passing out inferior products. Always look at the pricing to see what you are really getting.

We have noticed the amount of websites claiming to sell Benzo Fury. You should be aware that Benzo Fury comes in the form of a solid pellet.



 (5,6-Methylenedioxy-2-aminoindanewas developed in the 90’s, so claims that this chemical has just been thrown together are ludicrous to say the least. More important is the guy who developed it, a pharmacologist and medicinal chemist named David E. Nichols made his name writing numerous papers on the effects of psychoactive drugs since 1969 mostly on the effects of hallucinogens and amphetamines. You can buy mdai in either brown or white crystals we now have both White Mdai and brown MDAI available.


5-Iodo-2-aminoindane. We stock the best 5 IAI available in the UK. Concerns of the purity need not be an issue when you buy 5iai online from WMF as we  only supply the best research chemicals and plant food available from outside the UK. It is our job to make sure that the chemicals that you get are what they say they are. The have been issues with unfair traders passing off one type of RC as another. That is why we insist on getting a certificate of analysis from the company supplying your 5 iai. You can buy 5 iai. The powder is of white crystal consistency and has a smell that can be described closest to very weak iodine. A gram of 5 iai will easily provide 10 doses. Be aware that cheap 5 iai may not be what it should be.

NRG3 Gorilla dust

You can now order the latest product from the wide mouth frog labs. Its called nrg 3, E3 or Gorilla dust. The product has been referred to as a more potent version of NRG 2, but with an effect similar to the best selling plant feeder.   The chemical formula is 8α-anddrost-4-en-6-methyl-2β-17-ol and has no similarities to energy 2.

Benzo Fury Pellets

WMF want you to get the best possible research chemicals around and Benzo Fury Pellets has become a product to chase. We will only supply Benzo fury pellets when we have a good high quality product available. The correct chemical formula is 6-(2-AMINOPROPYL)-2, 3-DIHYDROBENZOFURAN  This is the product that we sell. the last part of the formula is what gives the name. There are only some low grade product available in the UK and some companies claiming to stock Benzo Fury are in fact offering other chemicals in place of what you are requesting. This will give you a false idea of what the chemicals properties actually are. Our advise is that these should be avoided at present. When Benzo Fury is available you can guarantee that Wide-Mouth-Frog will provide you with the best available. This is why WMF has high customer retention.


Buy Energy-2 is the newest version of  the plant stimulants which will give you get up and grow. This is claimed to be the best thing  available on the market. Initial comparisons to other chemicals have boosted its place in the market. The chemical formula is (2α,3α) -epithio-17α-methyl-17β-ol-N-Benzyloxycarbonyl-d-proline. NRG 2 is the most popular research chemical around.

Dimethocaine – DMC

 Buy Dimethocaine or DMC  also known as larocaine used a plant food this product give a real rush of growth, some websites mix it with other chemicals to give you a weaker version, but here at WMF we only sell as a high purity powder with no additives. You will know exactly what you are getting.


C1C We are happy to bring you C1C,  the latest product to be released exclusive to wide-mouth-frog.com. Giving your plants C1C will give it a rush that can only be described in human terms as cocaine like. For the plant the effects are almost immediately noticed and its properties last for quite a while. When you buy C1C you will realise what a great product you have purchased.


 1-(Thiophen-2-yl)-2-aminopropane is a stimulant drug which is an analogue of amphetamine where the phenyl ring has been replaced by thiophene. It has similar stimulant effects to amphetamine but with around one third the potency. The N-methyl and thiophen-3-yl analogues are also known and are somewhat more potent, though still generally weaker than the corresponding amphetamines.

A3A Methano

Methano is the street name for for 1,5-Methano-1H-3-benzazepine,2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-, hydrochlorideor what you can also call A3A. The research chemical is a flakey white chrystal powder that look and acts like the best selling plant feeder with street name bubble which was banned earlier this year.You can buy A3A From Wide-mouth-frog and only a few other selected providers of quality research chemicals like Nrg 2 or MDAI. This legal chemical has a great report and the price is dirt cheap when you see how potent this product is. People are already buying as much as possible to stock up for the winter months. demand is expected to be as high as Benzo Fury, 5 IAI and MDAI. You can also buyDMC from WMF and MDAT.

Magic Crystals

Research Chemical that has similarities yet a stronger effect to Jolly Green Granules


Make sure your plants are growing at a peace rate with the Chill Factor.

Each capsules contains 130mg. One dose recommended at any one time.

There is some confusion between research chemicals aMT, MDAT and NRG2. There are a number of ways that it is searched for. I have listed the variations below

NRG2 = NRG 2 = NRG-2 = Energy2 = Energy 2 = Energy-2 

NRG3 = NRG 3 =NRG-3 = energy3 = energy-3 = energy 3

Benzo Fury 1-(benzofuran-6-yl)propan-2-amine = 6-APDB

Attention: These research chemicals are used as plant feeder and must not be purchased for the intention of human consumption. If we find that this is your reason for buying any research chemicals, we will cancel the order and refuse any further purchases.

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